The Jessica Rekos Foundation was formed in an effort to continue Jessica's love of horses, to continue her whale "research," and to allow people to remember our little girl through her beloved horses and whales.  Our mission is to create and fund programs and events that will allow others to experience Jessica's passions. Additionally, we will support school security efforts to protect children like Jessica and her classmates.

What have we done so far?

Realizing that our local early education centers have not been given the same financial attention for safety measures as the public schools, we have worked with several local preschools to coordinate security assessments with the State Police, and have provided funding for physical security improvements.

Each summer since 2013, Jessica's barn has hosted a two-week camp for children between the ages of 6-10 who are given riding instruction and learn proper horse care, all while making horse-related crafts, playing games, and having fun.

We are providing year-long scholarships for horseback riding lessons for students who would not otherwise have the opportunity to take weekly lessons.

We are continuing to sponsor the Rekos Fellowship created by WDC to focus on research and conservation initiatives for orca whales in the Pacific Northwest. The orca fellow assesses the threats faced by wild orcas in North American waters and internationally, in an effort to increase public awareness and conservation efforts.

Each year since 2013, we have supported Whale and Dolphin Conservation's Internship Program, allowing ten interns the opportunity to gain experience in their renowned living laboratory at WDC.

WDC created a plaque to honor Jessica and commemorate our partnership.  Through their relationship with various commercial whale watch companies, WDC had these plaques placed on over a dozen vessels' observation decks - each honoring Jessica's life, passion for whales, and her invincible spirit.

We donated $26,000 to Newtown Public Schools to be put towards physical security improvements in our schools.

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